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By Darron Kloster, Times Colonist September 8, 2010


One of Greater Victoria's largest used vehicle dealers is back in local hands.

Judith Scott, who sold Budget Car & Truck Sales eight years ago to a Vancouver company, has re-acquired the 90-vehicle lot on Douglas Street.

Scott, who owns five Budget Car and Truck Rental outlets on the south Island, called the deal "a strategic move" in her rebuilding plans as it allows her to once again control the cycle of vehicles from rental to resale. Financial details were not disclosed.

"It's good timing for me because Budget's [rentals] business has been strong and we need an avenue to sell a lot of vehicles," Scott said yesterday.

Scott sold the car lot to Syd Belzberg and Dave Lynds, Budget's resale franchise holders for British Columbia, eight years ago as a way to downsize after the death of her husband. Mark Scott died suddenly in 1999, leaving her with one of the country's most successful Budget operations and two young sons.

Scott has since rebuilt the business with key managers, consolidating some outlets and opening new ones. She's bringing her youngest son, Sean, 23, into the resale side. He will work with new manager Bill MacMunn and nine other staff at Budget Car & Truck Sales. All but three of the previous owner's staff have been retained.

Scott said having the resale lot also allows her to offer more brands to rent and sell -- from Volvo to Toyota to Chevrolet and other makes and models. "It also makes us one of the most diversified car lots in the city," she said.

Scott intends to raise the local profile of Budget Car & Truck Sales with a "young and dynamic" sales team, admitting it was run on the fringes of the larger Lower Mainland group.

Budget's rental vehicles are never older than 18 months, said Scott, and the lot is augmented with some older vehicles acquired at auctions. The company has long used the slogan of absorbing the depreciation of a new vehicle.

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